Safe and Rigid Concrete Foundations in Kamloops

At Action Concrete Pumping Ltd., we believe that safety is the most important part of our job. While getting a job done quickly and efficiently is important, keeping everyone safe on the job site is even more critical. As part of our safety program, our equipment is inspected on an annual basis and certified for operation. Whether we do a concrete foundation or another type of construction, our operators are fully trained to use all equipment safely and competently. We make sure to pass all safety certifications with the BC government each year. To learn more about our safety program or to see our safety certifications, please contact any of our offices.

Concrete foundations are mostly preferred by property owners or contractors for their multiple benefits. Not only does it act as an inherent insulator by absorbing heat, but it also provides a strong foundation to the structure. Contact us today for more information on concrete foundation services in Kamloops, Vernon, Salmon Arm and the surrounding areas.

Talking about safety, let’s talk about yours and your house! Like everyone knows, the base, or foundation, is a really important part to build a house (probably the most important): It makes your house solid and safe. At Action Concrete Pumping, we can make Concrete Foundations in Kamloops and the surrounding areas!

There are different concrete foundations we can make depending on the ground:

- T-Shaped: This concrete foundation support structures in areas where the ground freezes.

We put a footing below that is wider than the foundation, to make a T-shaped foundation, providing an extra support at the base.

- Slab-on-grade Foundation: A slab, meaning a layer of concrete, is poured thicker at the edges, to form an integral footing, and rests on a crushed gravel to improve drainage. This concrete foundation works if the ground doesn’t freeze.

- Frost Protected: This type of foundation will work only with a heated structure. Using two sheets of polystyrene insulation, it prevents freezing. The insulation holds heat from the structure in the ground under the footings. The concrete for the foundation is poured once comparing to the
T-shaped (3 pours).

In any case, be really cautious about choosing the right concrete foundation for your house, depending on where you live and the type of ground, in Kamloops or the surrounding areas.

We also provide concrete pumping services. For more details regarding concrete foundation services in Kamloops, give us a call.Contact-us today!

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