Find Concrete Contractors in Kamloops and the surrounding areas at Action Concrete Pumping Ltd!

Whether you’re building a shed in your backyard or a large commercial office space, you’ll need construction concrete. In Kamloops and all over the BC interior, you can rely on Action Concrete Pumping for all of your concrete pumping needs. Concrete is the foundation to just about any construction project, which makes it very important for the concrete to be level, smooth and well-made.

Concrete pumping is an essential job that you shouldn’t trust to just anyone. At Action Concrete Pumping, pumping concrete is the only service we offer because we are dedicated to doing it the best. We assist in all your building, foundation, swimming pool or sidewalk needs. Whether you are a residential, commercial or industrial customer, we can provide you with reliable, safe and speedy concrete pumping.  Give us a call today.

Meeting Your Construction Concrete Pumping Needs

At Action Concrete Pumping, we know concrete. Made of aggregate materials such as sand or gravel as well as cement and water, concrete comes in different strengths and durability levels which can be used for different applications.

To determine the best type of construction concrete for your Kamloops project, our team generally looks at the products and methods used to produce said concrete. Typically, the lower the water contents in a concrete mixture, the stronger the concrete. Similarly, using sand as the aggregate in your concrete versus using gravel will lead to different durability levels. Thus, when mixing construction concrete for your specific project our team will choose the best ratio possible of aggregates, cement and water to meet your needs.

Equipment for Concrete Pumping Jobs Big and Small

No matter the size of your construction job, Action Concrete will make sure it’s done right the first time. It’s our goal to provide you with great service for your construction concrete needs in Kamloops. Our timely, professional team and fleet of boom trucks in various sizes prove that.

We have a wide range of trucks with boom lengths measuring from 28 meters to 50 meters and a team of experienced and friendly operators. The boom on our trucks extends to wherever you need your concrete poured, both inside and outside of existing structures when necessary. Whether it’s a skyscraper or a concrete sidewalk, you can trust Action Concrete. Our three offices allow us to have a large service area, so even if you’re not in Kamloops, chances are our team can come to you for your construction concrete needs.

Safety Is Our Priority

We want to perform every job in the safest manner possible for the benefit of our team as well as yours. To learn more about our safety program, please visit our Safety page.

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